Welcome to Finally Fit
Eric and Lynn

Welcome. I want to share some great news with you. The ability required to discover and "untap" your own unique fitness potential already lies within you. Now, just how do you harness that ability to succeed?

It's actually pretty simple (here's a hint)... take my proven, well-designed plan, combine that plan with focused discipline, and then attach a real sense of value to your efforts. You will be astonished by your success.

That's precisely what all of the folks you see featured on my site have done.

Won't you join them?

Romona Barnes

Training Philosophy

Productive exercise is centered around applying a properly intense, focused and safe effort in the gym. Don't try to test your mere tolerance for exercise. Train smart, and then get out of the gym.

Next, and just as importantly, address your system's vital recovery needs. Remember, the positive adaptive changes that occur from a workout happen when the body is properly fueled and at rest.

Add to the mix vital social support from family and friends.

Enjoy the journey!

Transformations from Josh Prokes, Gina Courtley, Jerryme Morales, and Ann Cortes