Being a Champion

Being a Champion

The lessons taught by successful physique transformation champions are universal. "Believe, then achieve." At first blush that seems to be all that is needed to know about attaining one's goals.The more thought given to this concept (while quite critical) the more I feel that it alone, falls short of the totality of the formula for personal success.

Positive-thought process and mental imagery in goal-setting is vital, no doubt, but I feel you must inherently "BE" before you can "Do." Thousands upon thousands of Body-for LIFE Challenge participants yearly jump aboard the ride to physical and emotional make-overs, only to give up, falling far short of the success they have promised themselves.Why, you may ask? I believe people feel that just undertaking a difficult task willl somehow make them stronger. Not so. Having a Champion's character and spirit within must ALWAYS have been quietly residing there from the beginning.

Merely to "DO" or try won't make one a winner, unless there resides first the unwavering soul and spirit to "BE" a winner.We all know someone who is born of that mettle.

Be your all, unafraid to expose the winner within. "BE", and then "DO".

-Eric Shrieves