Change - Necessary or Not?

Change - Necessary or Not?

A recent inquiry refers to the value of constantly "changing-up" either the sequence of movements or actual movement(s) themselves at periodic intervals during a fitness transformation approach. While I do personally advocate that at different intervals with clients, it is really done to offset an adaptive plateau, not just for the mere sake of change itself. Those changes can be as subtle as altering repetition speed or shortening the rest period(s). Keep in mind that for those who are "neophytes" engaged in resistance training or novices as trainees, there is a neuro-muscular "learning curve" that is apparent and must first be mastered for an exercise and its execution to be precise and truly effective. Someone who cannot exact proper form and focus with particular movements is in no way ready to further confound the process by switching to another (or another series of movements) that he or she is ill-prepared to demonstrate. One school of thought even suggests that it is even preferable to stay with those movements that you are most comfortable with, since precise execution neural patterning is enhanced, thereby providing an environment for training efficiency.

Insofar as one's instincts go, be careful of calling this changing of protocol "instinctive training", as we as humans are not driven by instincts, but rather by cognitive thought (logic and reasoning). If we were merely left to our instincts, we would most likely lie on the couch and eat Snickers bars all day, rather than make the decision to become productive.

Periodic change is good, since total predictability will bog down continued progress, but base those changes on training needs, not merely on blind and random action.

Muscles grow from OVERLOAD, not merely by changing the movement.

-Eric Shrieves