My personal thought on what people need to truly succeed in whatever they attempt, in any field of endeavor, is this simple:

"Attach a sense of value to it."

Years of discussion centered around this very topic (from over 30 years ago in our office at Olympic Health Spa in Washington , D.C. to sitting in a conference room of only 9 people at EAS headquarters fixated on every word that Bill Phillips was speaking) and I always come back to that same conclusion.

Your family is loved and attended to by you mainly because that relationship is valuable to you. Your friendships are honored, and life's sacrifices are freely made because you value a certain cause. Your faith (for those of you who honor that), your career, and even how you spend your leisure time are predicated on the sense of value that it commands in your world. Value, yep, value...

Doing an 84 Day Physique Transformation Challenge is simple. Not easy, but simple. To remain motivated and to succeed, all you must do is make it a valuable part of your life.

-Eric Shrieves