False Fears

I had the priviledge several years ago of personally conferring with a female staff writer for Time Magazine who wrote an investigative article on expiration dates of pharmaceutical drugs. Those findings were featured in several noteworthy publications and national newspapers. Of over 1,400 pharmaceutical drugs tested ONLY the antibiotic agent Tetracycline was found to have lost it's efficacious properties after the posted expiration date.

With nutritional supplements my personal fear would be foremost of the RTD'S (Ready-To-Drink) formulas which are typically formulated w/inferior protein sources, then placed/stored in warm or sometimes even hot warehouses for years before finding their way to your grocer's or your favorite gym pro shop. Most supplements will not somehow magically be rendered immediately ineffective simply by a calendar date.. That designated timeline for expiration is done to promote more frequent purchasing and $$ "turnover" ...............Sad to hear, but big business and the almighty $$ rules!

Unless it smells awful or has altered it's coloration and/or consistency, it is highly unlikely to automatically become a "calendar casualty".

-Eric Shrieves