Get Ready, Get Set, Now... Think!

Get Ready, Get Set, Now... Think!

Bowflex does a great job at promoting, well, Bowflex. The unknowing would blindly believe that by merely using the Bowflex machine (or any particular machine, device, etc. ) that any and all of one's fitness and physique goals will simply magically now appear. No one's muscle(s)-- yours, mine, the world's top stength athletes, et al , has a separate brain center or independent eyes to detect the source of the outside stress that accompanies and comprises a workout.

It (the stress source) could be a sandbag, a rock, a bag of water, handstand pushups, Hindu squat, hill sprinting, free weights, pushing your car (in neutral, of course!) around the block.... well, you get the point. It's not the equipment that will change your body. It is the EFFORT applied to a PROPER PLAN (including adherence to sound nutrient ratios and timing of meals as well as rest concerns and genetics) rather than any equipment. If it were the equipment that is responsible for success, then EVERYONE who ever had a gym membership and trained often would look spectacular since that very same "magical equipment" is there for all to use.

Keep in mind that FAR more people fail to achieve successful results from their training efforts than ever succeed. Now, some people, because of their dedication to their particular exercise protocol become successful.. Of course the other side of that coin is that thousands and thousand of people are dedicated to their exercises, but are yet doing them improperly, and or too often and getting no results.

The proper effort applied with precise frequency,duration, and wise movement selection, while allowing for recovery (nutrition and rest) coupled with favorable genetics will be the greatest factor(s). Machines, dumbbells, etc. are all inert, lifeless tools that have no meaning unless the "user" applies a certain mastery through them.

Bowflex can, of course, be a most useful tool, but not just because it's a Bowflex machine.

-Eric Shrieves