Pumped Up Pecs

The effectiveness/efficiency of training program design is greatly tied to the actual exercises chosen and performed.Those movements that reveal the most signiicant of stimulus activity (according to electromyographical studies--EMG by exercise physiologists Metos, Bompa, and Cornacchia) for the largest portion of the chest (Pectoralis Major-lower and mid) are:

1. Decline dumbbell press
2. Decline bench press w/Olympic bar
3. Push-ups between benches
4. Flat dumbbell bench press
5. Flat bench press (Olympic Bar)

Most effective movements for the Pectoralis Minor (upper chest) the top 2 movements are: (again, from EMG empirical data):

1. Incline dumbbell bench press
2. Incline Olympic bar bench press

There are also other countless factors and sound principles that accompany choosing the most beneficial movements that help lead to success.

By the way, everyone, no movement is, or could ever be a "cutting" movement. If that were true, any dietary plan could be incorporated as long as one simply chooses uses those movements he or she falsely believes to provide muscle definition. That condition (one of defined and lean muscularity) is mainly a byproduct of a sound nutritional application and subsequent hormonal and stress adaptation(s).

Train Smart

-Eric Shrieves