The Best Equipment

Any type of resistance training equipment (free weight, machines, resistance bands, using odd objects (rocks, sandbags), bodyweight resistance, etc.,) can all be made most effective by your persistent dedication to intense quality work, and by using the overload principle. Striving to periodically increase the amount of weight used, OR increasing the number of reps with the same weight in subsequent sessions, or by performing the same amount (or even more work in a shorter time frame ..referred to as training density) are some of the foundations for success. Providing proper fueling of the body as well as precise nutritional timing of nutrients, and quality of sleep are other considerations that dictate success.

Each of us is unique in our ability to impose the training stress effect (some can work harder and with more efficiency) and each of us is also unique in our ability to recover from the stress of intense training. Genetic predisposition is also a major factor. Some people have a more favorable hormonal response and more efficient metabolisms, for example. Therefore, it is impossible for anyone to predict with any accuracy how much one can progress... The good news is however, that we can all improve to a great degree. Keep a positive mindset, train with a focus and passion, and allow for vital recovery between workouts.

Remember, your muscles don't have a separate brain center or a way to detect what "tools" one is using to tax them..Muscles only "know" that they are working hard or that they are not....Hope that makes some sense.

-Eric Shrieves