Thinking Out Loud

Early a.m. - open your eyes, gently stretch (maybe yawn), swing the lower extremities slowly over the side of the bed, sit there in a semi-coma, moan and groan. Gee-Need some coffee--hate to make it, will swing by Starbuck's or perhaps 7-11. Sunny skies, grey skies, cloudy day, rainy day, humid, chilly, freezing, snowing, whatever... Egg whites, Oatmeal, Flaxseed oil, water ,or ummm, McGriddle, donuts and juice, or nothing at all 'til lunch. A.M. Cardio, post-workout stretch. Aaeeh, skip it. Watch some tv, go back to bed, maybe later. Maybe tomorrow. Train this evening-- Nope,still a little sore. Forget it. Protein focus, moderate carbs, don't forget the "good fats"-- Doesn't really matter what I eat. Can't lose this gut/butt anyway. I can do anything for 84 days!--Got off to a bad start. I'll try again the next challenge round!

Sounds like a tug of war, huh? Wonder who's going to emerge the victor? Body-for-LIFE World Ambassador Porter Freeman once said, "Everyone person on this earth is in 1 of 2 places each and every moment of their lives. You're either "in control," or you're "out of control." Pretty damn smart. We are probably beyond any truly earth-shattering discoveries on how to get bigger, leaner or stronger ( for those people who are mysteriously waiting for that insight). Maybe we will one day realize all the exact, precise scientific mechanisms for those things. Won't really matter anyhow to those who don't make productive exercise a valuable part of their lives.

Porter Freeman once again:

  1. "Want it"
  2. "Make it a priority"
  3. "Stop doing bad things to yourself", and
  4. "Start doing good things for yourself."

Simple, yes. Easy, no. That is, unless you're "in control."

Truly hope this rambling finds you "in control."

-Eric Shrieves