What Works?

The wonderful Body-for-LIFE book and program, like any well thought-out and devised set of guidelines, does not simply in-and-of itself "work".

The world's most up-to-date flight technology, or sophisticated computer and other communicative innovations, or even a simple roadmap used to take the Griswolds on a Family Vacation (haha) does nothing on it's own . A treasure map is best left unopened, if the treasure "hunter" does not risk the journey and possible failure in his pursuit of untold riches. The best equipped gyms in the world all house lifeless, inert pieces of equipment that cannot ever possibly transform anyone's physique unless the trainee is willing to put a proper plan into motion with extreme dedication, effort, and consistency. The list of course goes on and on...

Someone once posted "this BFL thing had better work, or"......The only thing that had better "work" is, of course, you. Your vision, your volitional effort, your sacrifices, your dream, your commitment and your belief in becoming the best that those combined proccesses will allow you to ultimately become, are all that can ever take you to you appointed destiny.

Believe in the sacrifice, and most importantly, believe in yourself. I believe that you will then find that Champion that lives within.

-Eric Shrieves